X Team

X Team International is a network of over 450 professionals in 35 offices throughout North America. We are a powerful network of partner offices that exclusively focus on first class, best in class, world class retail real estate. X Team International’s unique platform assembles the strongest and most experienced retail-only specialists in the most important metropolitan markets in North America. There are no substitutes for resume or reputation, and each X Team partner office is a recognized leader in its regional trade area. Our team has an enormous track record in the representation of Fortune 500 and emerging retailers alike. We represent North America’s premier Power Center and Specialty Center developers as well as regional and local clientele who own the high street retail and neighborhood centers where North America shops.

In 2014 X Team consummated retail lease and sale transactions in North America that totaled over $2.97 billion in value and over 17.3 million square feet of the best space in every retail market.

Extensive Experience. Exclusively Retail. X Team.

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